[texhax] MS-Word to LaTeX conversion program

Juergen Fenn juergen.fenn at GMX.DE
Wed Mar 11 17:05:04 CET 2009

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) schrieb:

>>  > I have seen on your website a software review of ms word to latex 
>> conversion program.
>>  > Unfortunately, I can not find it anymore. Is there a recent better 
>> converter of this sort?
>> We have used Word2TeX from Chikrii Softlab a lot.
> Perhaps Open Office [1] also has such a feature ?

OOo can import doc files and export LaTeX. You should save the doc file
as ODT from OOo before exporting to LaTeX.

You can also use OOo's LaTeX export from the commandline:


LaTeX export can be easily configured by editing writer2latex.xml in
your home directory. See documentation for more details.


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