[texhax] MS-Word to LaTeX conversion program

Niall Mansfield texhax at uit.co.uk
Wed Mar 11 15:39:50 CET 2009


 > Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 21:44:00 -0500
 > From: "Leon Luxemburg" <luxembul at tamug.edu>
 > I have seen on your website a software review of ms word to latex 
conversion program.
 > Unfortunately, I can not find it anymore. Is there a recent better 
converter of this sort?

We have used Word2TeX from Chikrii Softlab a lot.
It is a commerical product.  We paid about $100 (don't recall exactly)
for a licence.  It's probably a single-user licence, but that doesn't
matter to us, because we use it only rarely -- to convert large Word 
and once they are converted, we throw away the Word version.
The money we spent was more than saved in time, by getting LaTeX
output that was almost exactly what we needed.  (It wasn't perfect;
we still had to do significant amounts of tedious editing.)

We have no affiliation with Chikrii Softlab.
There may be other, perhaps free, tools that are just as good, but 
because we
need this thing so rarely we haven't spent any time look for or 
evaluating them.

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