[texhax] ldots, cdots, ddots, binom, blah, blah, [blind]

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Mar 10 23:44:29 CET 2009

>At 04:10 04.03.09, David G. Cantor wrote:
> >All these are used in mathematics and related disciplines.  In his
> >TeXbook Don Knuth devotes 4 chapters (16, 17, 18, and 19) to how to
> >typeset mathematics and the fine points of doing so.
At 21:33 06.03.09, Uwe Lück wrote:
>How can blind people access the TeXbook?

At 22:32 10.03.09, Barbara Beeton wrote:
>the texbook file has no special facilities for
>making it "accessible" in any meaningful way
>as a pdf file, and i've decoded enough dvi files
>to not wish that on anyone who's never tried to
>do it before.  that leaves the file texbook.tex
>itself for inspection via an editor with voice
>output. and there's certainly no prohibition
>against that.
>would that not be a viable approach, if not
>exactly trivial?

At 22:46 10.03.09, Philip TAYLOR wrote:
>Well, I defer to those with direct experience of screen
>readers and similar, but I would have /thought/ that
>the result of PdfTeX'ing "texbook.tex" would result
>in a document that is considerably more accessible
>than the raw source.  Are there any screen-reader
>users who could comment more informedly on this ?

At 22:36 26.01.09, P. R. Stanley wrote:
>BTW, the reason I'm asking the list is because I'm blind and the end
>result of a latex compilation i.e. dvi or pdf isn't very accessible.
>So I can't get the information via my screen reader.

[compiled by Uwe Lueck -- alright!?]

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