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Sun Mar 1 14:16:58 CET 2009


My name is Arif, and like most of the LaTeX user, I've learned LaTeX myself.

We all know the flexibility with which we can typeset our document in LaTeX
and I'm really impressed with it as most of it's users are.

*I 'm looking for getting some work to typeset in LaTeX, this would allow me
to further increase my knowledge at same time earn some money which would be
really helpful for me. *

So can some provide me an idea to get freelancing job in LaTeX or can
provide me such job(s).

I understand that I've an intermediate knowledge of LaTeX and will be able
to typeset most of the documents.

 *I'm from India, so low cost would also be an advantage for the firm that
would outsource the job, rest assured quality won't be comprised.*

*Please, Please assist*

Desperately awaiting your reply,

Thank you,
metricspace at gmail.com
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