[texhax] Some questions on math mode

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 1 17:27:05 CET 2009

>P. R. Stanley wrote:
>>Hi folks
>>1. What effect does placing a letter [A-Za-z] in math mode produce, 
>>for example $x$ $A$?
>It sets the letter in maths italic, which is similar
>to (but not the same as) text italics.
>>Sorry to be a pain, what is the difference between math italic and 
>>text italic? Where would one use math italic? For examplem is it 
>>for something as undane as a variable -- $ xy$?


>It's a great shame that (as far as I know) no-one has yet reported a 
>document from whence all of these things can be gleaned.
well, with my questions and the answers from the list we may have 
already started creating such a document. :-)


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