[texhax] a LaTeX question

Barbara Beeton bnb at ams.org
Thu Jun 18 18:45:33 CEST 2009


    I have written a math research monograph for Princeton Press.
    The monograph has 1 appendix.  This appendix is called

    Appendix A

    The various statements in Appendix A appear as

    Section A.1
    Theorem A.2
    Figure A.5


    1. How do you fix my problem?

you don't say what document class you're
using, but if it happens to be based on
amsbook, the answer is described in detail
in the ams author faq:


if you're using some other document class,
it's likely that at least some of this
information will be helpful.
    2. Why would LaTeX arrange things so that a book with just one
    appendix would have that appendix be called "Appendix A"?  Or,
    do the writers of LaTeX think that a single appendix called
    "Appendix A" is actually the most correct setup?  (I don't mind
    "Appendix A" personally.)

not being a member of the latex team, i
can't give an authoritative answer, but
conjecture that it's much easier to reset
what's necessary when only one appendix
is involved than it is to construct the
mechanism for multiple indexes.

good luck.
							-- bb

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