[texhax] FW: Re: bigfoot.sty and paired footnotes

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sun Jun 14 17:03:00 CEST 2009

OK, I recognize some rules on 


There is a "middle" apparatus, where notes are numbered pagewise and alphabetically, and there are "short" and "long" ones. Short ones get one letter only and are gathered in single lines. 

Since that page seems to be part of a LaTeX tutorial at FU Berlin and the file is named bigfoot.pdf, it may have been typeset with bigfoot.sty indeed, David Kastrup may well have implemented such a footnote style that had not existed in manyfoot, (l)edmac, and the TeXbook. 

If I am guessing correctly, you just need instructions about bigfoot commands!? 

-- Uwe. 

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Not much clearer. bigfoot.pdf looks like having been arranged manually, rather than what has ever been implemented in TeX. 

"paired footnotes" look a little like numbering pagewise by letters, while it was overlooked that one note was removed and the numbering wasn't correct anymore. 

If a key idea is choosing footnote marks manually, this can be done as I suggested before, just think of optional arguments for footnote commands. 

(My last suggestion was "\note{lemma}{remark}" expanding to "\footnotemark lemma\addtocounter{footnote}{-1}\footnote{remark}")

\note could have an optional argument such that "\note[<symbol>]{lemma}{remark}" expands to "{\def\thempfn{<symbol>}\footnotemark lemma \footnote{remark}}". 

To typeset the footnote mark differently in the apparatus, we might modify LaTeX's internal \@makefntext. But before becoming more TeXnical, we need to know something more specific on the footnote layout and how footnote marks are chosen. 

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