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still sketch; sorry, 


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Betreff: Re: [texhax] bigfoot.sty and paired footnotes
Erik Norvelle <signups2 at norvelle.org> schrieb am 13.06.2009 17:48:15:
> I haven't used the bigfoot package, but there exists a set of LaTeX 
> packages for editing critical editions, which permit maintaining two 
> or more footnote streams on a given page. These are called ledmac and 
> ledpar, and are currently being maintained by Vafa Khalighi (vafa@
> users.berlios.de).

ledpar is essentially used for translations. The "paired footnotes" facility is neither implemented in ledmac currently (as it is not in ednotes). 

For comparisons of ledmac and ednotes, google for ledmac and ednotes at the same time. 

HTH -- Uwe. 

> On Jun 13, 2009, at 12:30 PM, Marcel Knie wrote:
> I have to edit a critical edition of a medivial source and heared 
> about the latexpackage bigfoot by David Kastrup to do this. But I 
> have a big problem: the publisher want to have so called paired 
> footnotes for the footnote apparatus and I can't manage it. here is 
> an example how it have to look like:
> ----------------------
> | |
> | Fran²cois Vatable² |
> | |
> | |
> | |
> | |
> | |
> | Footnoteapparatus: |
> | 2-2 blablabla |
> | |
> ----------------------

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