[texhax] Inserting Graphics in LaTex Documents

Jean-Guy Murray jg.murray at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 22 16:05:33 CET 2009

I am new at Latex and I have a problem to insert graphics in my Latex Document.

The problem is that I always get the "File not found" Latex Error message.

Here is my input file:



\includegraphics[width=.8\textwidth]{My Plot}
\graphicspath{c:\Documents and Settings\Jean-Guy\My Documents\LaTex\EPS Files}
\caption{Plot of the function $\sin x$}

I am using LaTex-DVI. My graph is an EPS file generated with Maple 11.

My output file shows the following:

Plot.eps  Plot.ps  Plot.eps.gz  Plot.ps.gz Plot.eps.Z

Figure 1: Plot of the function sin x

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. I have reseach various documents obtained  from searches on Internet , but so far I have been unable to find out why I am getting the LaTex Error: File 'My Plot' not found.

Thank you for your kind assisance

Jean-Guy Murray

jgmurray85 at sympatico.ca.

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