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Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sat Feb 14 18:43:13 CET 2009

TeX only sees metrics, so whatever your fonts look like doesn't matter  
for TeX. I would advise you to take existing math fonts, convert them  
into outlines using some tool (like Fontographer or Fontlab), while  
keeping the same metrics so that you can use the same TeX metrics  
(cmmi10, cmsy10, etc.), only change their names so there is no  
conflict. If you have to enlarge glyphs then you will have to modify  
the metric files (by transforming TFM into PL), be careful to keep all  
the font parameters including NUM*, DENOM*, BIGOPSPACING*, NEXTLARGER,  
etc. otherwise the math stuff will not work.

So, to keep it short: what makes a math font being "math" is the  
existence of extra values in the metric files, the glyphs can be  
arbitrary. If you take existing math fonts and transform their glyphs  
without changing their widths then you can keep the same metric files  
with different names.

If you have other questions don't hesitate to ask

Le 14 févr. 09 à 09:32, totoon at bluewin.ch a écrit :

> Hi,
> I have this question:
> I am an artist and I have this ID with Math fonts.
> Now I want to generate Math fonts with Plaintex for later use but for
> technical reasons these need to be made as Outline fonts!
> (see example {arialichollow} below)
> Question:
> Is it possible to generate 'Outline fonts' in PlainTex?
> Could you give some directions to do this ?
> Thanks in advance
> Best Regards
> Anthony Hartogs
> Switserland
> <pastedGraphic.tiff>
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