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Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Sun Feb 8 15:35:59 CET 2009

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I am using the versions of TeX  
distributed with TeXShop, and I know nothing about eTeX, but I think  
\middle is not recognized by my version of TeX:  I get either an error  
message (missing delimiter) or no error, and no slash.  However, this  
probably is the right kind of macro to use for this problem.

I had somehow overlooked the fact that "/" is included in table 8.3 of  
TLC2, so was under the impression that it was not extensible, and  
therefore didn't take "\big" etc. or "\left".  When the next version  
of TLC comes out, there should be an index entry that leads you to this.

In any case, I was lucky here:  the numerator and denominator are  
roughly of the same size, so "\left/...\right." works fine.  Thanks  

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On Feb 8, 2009, at 3:44, Philip G. Ratcliffe wrote:

>> On Sat, Feb 07, 2009 at 03:45:45PM -0800, John Wheeler wrote:
>>> [snip]
>> You'll get incorrect spacing.  Compare:
>> [snip]
> I think what you're looking for is this:
> $$
>  \left.\frac12\middle/\frac12\right.
> $$
> The command \middle was mentioned in threasd ("parenthesis problem in
> LaTeX") a couple of weeks ago.
> Cheers,  Phil

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