[texhax] Colorful LaTeX Terminal Output

Oleg Katsitadze olegkat at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 06:21:37 CEST 2009

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 10:04:13AM +0200, Uwe Lueck wrote:
> I wonder about "editors" here. The screen output is generated by TeX
> from the input files, independent on editors. Or are you thinking of
> editors that suppress ^^1b in writing to the text file?

No, I was talking of editors not treating specially escape sequences
upon _displaying_ of the log file (or the output of TeX).  Emacs, for
example, displays the 0x1b character as ^[ (of course, Emacs can be
easily tweaked to do the right thing).  I can imagine less graceful


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