[texhax] Low-level TeX question: string substitution macro

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Apr 22 20:31:01 CEST 2009

... a guess for a quite different direction ... (de-macro)

At 15:44 22.04.09, Toby Cubitt wrote:
> > At 10:39 22.04.09, Toby Cubitt wrote:
> >> Once you've processed the document the requisite number of times to get
> >> the cross-references right, you can then run the original source file
> >> through the sed script to produce a new LaTeX source file, from which all
> >> the cleveref commands have been stripped out and replaced by equivalent
> >> standard LaTeX, suitable for submitting to a journal (or sending to a
> >> colleague) who doesn't have cleveref installed.
>The problem is mainly with publishers who don't actually use TeX to
>produce the final type-set version from the LaTeX source, but instead
>transform the LaTeX into their own in-house mark-up language before
>sending to press. Such publishers place restrictions on which (if any)
>LaTeX packages can be used, since they likely won't work unless supported
>explicitly by their transformation scripts.

... the Python script de-macro (ctan.tug.org/pkg/de-macro) especially and 
more generally addresses the problem of private macros that editors may 



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