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I have some problems with my Latex document and I can't find any group discussion that could help me. I'm kind of desperate :) and I'm sorry to contact you. But you may be able to give me the link for a good forum or something like that ? Thanks a lot.

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PS : Here is my problem =>
I'd like to realise an automatic repport with
the combination of R and Latex (Sweave package). I create several plots with R, and then
I'd like to include them in my Latex document. The thing is that I
don't know how many plots I'll get before I run my program, so I can't
write \includegraphics for every plots. Therefore my code is :


Each plot is on 1 page of my pdf file "image.pdf" and I include all
the pages (here, there are "numPage" pages). The problem is that all
the plots are on the same line and I get a "Overful box" because there
are too many plots. Could you help me ?

I also tried to use \includepdf[page=-]{image.pdf}

but each page of the pdf file is on one page of my latex document.
And I'd like to avoid empty space, thus I'd like several plots centered
on the same line, just like \includegraphics does.

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