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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Thu Apr 16 11:43:49 CEST 2009


> >>I am a LaTeX user then when I compile my file and displaying the dvi some
> >>figures take many resources and much memory for display and I would like to
> >>know if there is a technical and automatical way to detect theme before ?

> What I would like exactely is a technical way to detect theme before the 
> use in LaTeX and to correct theme by Photoshop.

Seems to me that perhaps what you want is a script.  On the Mac or
Linux one could write a csh (or tcsh or bash or sh or probably better
yet perl) script to detect the size of your files.  (On windows one
can do things like this under cygwin.)  Rather than calling photoshop,
the script would call a program that would automatically manipulate
the images (always keeping a backup and working with a copy
probably!).  Imagemagick (just google that) is a set of programs that
is great for that and within imagemagick is the powerful 'convert'
program that could be used to adjust the image.

At this point I write scripts to do almost everything and only rarely
use a program like photoshop.  The reason is that it allows me to
repeat the manipulations and to have a precise record of what I did.


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