[texhax] Latin Modern Condensed Bold font?

James Smith james.smith at aleph-one.com
Sun Apr 12 16:55:25 CEST 2009



I finished typesetting my book some time ago and I'm happy with the
interior, but the cover text still bothers me. I'd initially used Latin
Modern Bold and, as I recall, asked for alternatives on this mailing list.
Latin Modern Condensed was suggested and I duly swapped over:




I'm not entirely happy with the results, however, I think the text weight is
far too light and the result looks amateurish:




>From my (admittedly rather vague) understanding of font selection, 'Latin
Modern Condensed Bold' would be something of a misnomer since both 'Bold'
and 'Condensed' both pertain to the selection's series and therefore cannot
be combined in the way that, say 'Italic' and 'Bold' can.


Nonetheless, I've definitely seen bolder condensed fonts around. Can anyone
suggest one? It will only be used for the cover and title pages so it
doesn't really matter if it's not part of the Latin Modern collection
(indeed I'm pretty sure Latin Modern doesn't provide anything suitable).
Obviously something that is in keeping with Latin Modern is required,


Many thanks in advance.


Kind regards,




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