[texhax] European quotation marks

Rodolfo Medina rodolfo.medina at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 17:08:33 CEST 2009

Rodolfo Medina wrote:

>> I wish to use the quotation marks « and ».
>> Is it possible with TeX, and how?

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI <eduardo at kalinowski.com.br> writes:

> You need the T1 font encoding, activated with \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}.
> Then just type them, if you are using a character coding that includes
> them. latin1 does, and I guess several others.
> There is also \guillemotleft and \guillemotright

Thanks for your help.

But I'm a plain TeX users.  Does anybody know how to do that with plain TeX?

Thanks again

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