[texhax] Anyone using ledpar?

Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Apr 9 13:42:33 CEST 2009

thanks for your answer. The question is: if I use parallel.sty  
together with ednotes.sty, will footnotes be processed at environment  
end or when the footnotes actually appear? That's the only problem I  
have with parallel, otherwise it works just fine.

Le 8 avr. 09 à 09:25, Uwe Lück a écrit :

> Sorry, I cannot go deep into the matter right now (like analysing  
> the sample).
> I know ledpar only from discussion with Peter Wilson, and I believe  
> that it works.
> Unfortunately, Peter Wilson has quit maintenance of the package, but  
> perhaps he is willing to send you his test file that convinced him  
> that it worked.
> There might be an alternative with *ednotes* instead of ledmac ...  
> (I could write a "ledmac-style interface" for ednotes ...) One  
> ednotes user managed to use parallel.sty at the same time, but  
> complained that it was hard work with Perl. And I saw a forum  
> discussion about using parallel.sty with lineno.sty (again, it was  
> not straightforward), which gives some hope for ednotes as well ...  
> I am looking for sponsors so I could clear up the matter ...
> Good luck,
>    Uwe.
> At 16:04 07.04.09, Yannis Haralambous wrote:
>> I need to typeset parallel texts with critical apparatus. The package
>> parallel works fine for parallel texts but it processes footnotes at
>> then end of each paragraph, and that will often be the wrong page.  
>> The
>> package ledpar is advertizing exactly this: parallel texts with
>> critical apparati and footnotes.
>> When I tried it, nothing worked... EIther the documentation is wrong,
>> or ledpar is vaporware. I wrote:
>> \begin{pairs}
>> \begin{Leftside} ... left side text ... \end{Leftside}
>> \begin{Rightside} ... right side text ... \end{Rightside}
>> \Columns
>> \end{pairs}
>> as written in the manual, and I got both texts in a *single* column
>> (instead of two columns). Only when I inserted the command \stanza
>> (taken from ledmac and normally used only for poetry, which is not my
>> case) in the (Left|Right)side environments I got two columns (but  
>> also
>> a bunch of error messages). Up to that point the result is  
>> satisfying.
>> But footnotes do *not work at all*, they remain inside the text.
>> Has anyone used ledpar with parallel texts *and* footnotes and
>> critical apparatus? I would be very curious to see an example that
>> works.
>> Any other idea about how to solve that problem? It is quite tricky
>> since vertical material is added on both columns as well as from the
>> bottom (footnotes etc.).
>> Thanks in advance
>> Yannis
>> PS. I attach a small test file, illustrating the error messages and
>> the failure of footnote.
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