[texhax] YAP vs. Printing

Randy Schilling RChilling at comcast.net
Sun Apr 5 21:53:49 CEST 2009

Hello Sir -

As an example I am trying to make an 8" by 4"  rectangular box centered 
horizontally in an
8.5'' by 11'' paper using TEX
To do this I set horizontal borders of 0'' and vertical borders of /5" then 
I use the command,
\centerline{\bx{\vtop to4in{\hsize=8in\parindent=0pt}\vrule width8in 
height0pt depth0pt}},
where \bx simply places a box around its argument.
Though this is not the main point of my question, if you have any 
suggestions with regard to my
code them please advise.

What appears on my YAP previewer is different from what I get when I print 
the document.
When I print the document it comes back with the correct dimensions and is 
perfectly horizontally centered.
What YAP shows is a rectangle of slightly bigger dimensions and, instead of 
being centered, the rectangle
is shifted  completely to the right.edge of my paper.

Somehow YAP is not configured to be perfectly synchronized.  How can I 
correct this?  If this is not your area of expertise
then please help me by suggesting who might better be able to answer my 

Randy Schilling
8217 Brimer Road
Mabelvale, AR 72103.
rchilling at comcast.net (Please note that the S in Schilling is dropped in my 
email address')

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