[texhax] Long version of \rightsquigarrow

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 14:52:32 CEST 2009

Simmie, John wrote:
> I cannot find a longer version of \rightsquigarrow out there including
> Scott Pakin's comprehensive symbols list
> The combination --- squiggle arrow head would be just right, that is a
> linear extension of the left hand side of the symbol would be perfect
> for my requirements, eg:
> \begin{equation*}
> \mathrm{HCCH \stackrel{\dot{O}H}{\rightsquigarrow} \dot{C}CH(OH)
> \stackrel{\dot{H}}{\rightsquigarrow} H_2CH(OH)}
> \end{equation*}
> Any help appreciated ...

I would suggest looking at the mhchem package. It has a lot of "chemical
sense" and handles this type of thing easily:

\ce{HCCH ->[\ce{$\dot{\mathrm{O}}$H}] $\dot{\mathrm{C}}$CH(OH)
  ->[\ce{$\dot{\mathrm{H}}$}] H2CH(OH)}


Joseph Wright

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