[texhax] Mailing list [QUIZ TIME]

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Apr 2 22:10:02 CEST 2009

At 19:41 02.04.09, Prof. Sheila Prasad wrote:
>I would like to be removed from the texhax mailing list as I do not want to
>get all the e-mail queries. They fill up my mailbox.

At 18:59 02.04.09, David R. Linn wrote:
>For those unable to easily see the full headers of the messages from
>this mailing list, I offer this extract:
[snip] List-Unsubscribe: [snip]

At 19:07 02.04.09, Juergen Fenn wrote:
>... there is a footer to each mail delivered over this list that
>contains all the information you need to unsubscribe, including ...
[snip] Automated subscription management: [snip]

But what if the unsubscriber is not willing to read messages that don't 
answer her question?

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