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On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:37 AM, Robin Fairbairns
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> after tug '96 at dubna, sebastian and i went back to moscow by train,
> which was interesting.  the track was obviously in a terrible state, and
> the train didn't go fast at any time.  but there was more leg-room in
> the carriage than i've experienced in any other transport: stretched
> full out in opposite seats, our feet didn't touch, and while neither of
> us is 2m tall, we're not midgets either.

If you are writing about Nuclear Institute I was there few times in
the late 80-ties and it was a fun to see how attitude of security
there provided by KGB went from rather strict to completely lame. In
the last my visit the checkpoint was decorated by a big billboard with
a lot of notes describing KGB crimes.

> robin

On the separate note: in the 70ties in backpacking camping I and
friends took few times some route on the Southern Ural with very
narrow rail (much more narrow than the standard European leave alone
wider Russian one). Train was going only once a day, and in one
direction it started before dawn. It was cold (jackets and sweaters
were worn) and dark and a lot of fog but later it was becoming warmer
and few hours later we were just in T-shorts sitting near open doors
and some even had their legs outside sometimes touching the tall
grass; door were very wide since the coaches were both for passengers
and cargo. Train was  very short and went very slowly, human could
overrun it in the short run. There were only very few passengers and
it seems that all of them except us knew one another (despite
traveling separately).

This is not typical train in Russia.

15 years later few villages there were devastated by the flood and
tens of people were killed: there were few artificial lakes used to
retain river water for use in metallurgy and levees were not strong
enough to resist high water


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