[texhax] Paper size issues with RevTeX in combination with pdfTeX...

Daniel Freedman freedman at physics.cornell.edu
Wed Oct 29 02:24:01 CET 2008

Hi Susan,

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008, Susan Dittmar wrote:
> The following is taken from typearea.sty (koma-script):
> \AtBeginDocument{\scr at ifpdfoutput{\pdfpagewidth=\paperwidth\pdfpageheight=\paperheight}{\AtBeginDvi{\special{papersize=\the\paperwidth,\the\paperheight}}}}
> I suspect you will have to make sure all those commands are availlable (or
> substituted), but perhaps that helps towards your goal.

Thanks for the suggestion.  It definitely led me down the right road.
Unfortunately, RevTeX appears to make things a little more
complicated.  The above didn't work.  The following, however, did
(hopefully, reproducing it here might help others who would later
search for a similar solution):

\pdfpagewidth=8.5 true in
\pdfpageheight=11 true in

Obviously, this also requires inclusion of the 'ifpdf' package.  The
problem with the initial suggestion appears to stem from the fact that
\paperwidth and \paperheight don't contain meaningful values when the
document is processed using the RevTeX class.  If I use the TeX
commands \showthe to pause compilation and display their values, they
both show 0. (Not sure what this means, but I doubt it's good, as they
should show appropriate letter-sized values, I'd think...)  Thus, I'm
forced to explicitly use the letter size above in defining them.

Anyway, thank you again,

Daniel Freedman <{freedman at physics | dfreedman at cs}.cornell.edu>
  Post-Doc, Distributed Systems, Computer Science, Cornell University
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