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Thomas Dukleth texhax at agogme.com
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On Tue, October 28, 2008 7:51 pm, Lars Madsen wrote:
> Thomas Dukleth wrote:


> I suspect the redefinition of the table of contents, it uses \section*
> while the others use \chapter
> could I ask you to describe exactly how you cwant the chapterstyle to
> look like, then I'll have a go such that we can eliminate at least
> titlesec


Just to be clear, my personal preference is to have an aesthetically
pleasing amount of white space for maximising readability.  However, I am
instructed to do whatever can be reasonably managed to reduce the total
page count by increasing the number of lines of text on a page wherever
possible.  The preamble being tested for production text has 11 point type
and a 10% reduction in space between lines to aid in the page count.  I
have done my best to avoid any extremely unpleasant consequences of that

An aid in this effort would be a means to reduce the space between the top
of the page and the chapter title for the first page of chapters. 
Allowing even a few lines on the first page of a chapter can save a couple
of pages if the last page of the chapter is an odd numbered page with only
a few lines of text followed by a blank even numbered page.

I want to be able to arbitrarily control the space above a chapter title
on the first page of a chapter.  I do not want to loose the ability to
control the presence or absence of chapter labels such as with the word
'Chapter', numbering, font size, weight, and horizontal alignment for
chapter titles.  For the project I have at the moment, chapter titles
which have no 'Chapter' labels, no numbers, \Huge sized fonts, normal
weight, and centred horizontal alignment are preferred.  However, I hope
to avoid losing the ability to control those elements to gain control over
the vertical placement of chapter titles.

Currently I am using titlesec to control font size, weight, and horizontal
alignment of chapter titles using the following command.


I have equivalent uses of \titleformat for part and section.  I do not
want to loose the control provided as a consequence of eliminating

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