[texhax] Problem with \begin{abstract} and \begin{keyword}

Rodrigo Aluizio r.aluizio at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 20:54:50 CEST 2008

Hi everybody,
I'm a beginner with LaTex, and I'm preparing an article to submit to Elsevier. So I'm using the elsarticle document class. Well when I include the \begin{abstract}, and \begin{keyword} nothing happens, nor even an error, but nothing different appears were it should be.
Something similar occurs with the e-mail addresses of the preamble, they don't appear in footnote. I've already consulted the general and specific documentations. Furthermore the elsdoc (the specific documentation) says that the \begin{abstract} and \begin{keywords} must be in the preamble, it seems wrong to me, ad when I do that I get an error.

I'll appreciate if someone could help me.

Thank you fot the patience and attention!

I'm running the code on Windows XP, LEd Tex Editor and MikTex.

Bellow is the code:



\title{My Title)}

\ead{e-mail address}

\ead{e-mail address}

\cortext[cor1]{Principal Corresponding Author}
\cortext[cor2]{Corresponding Author}
\address[focal]{My Address}



My article abstract

my \sep keywords


\section{Materials and Methods}




\bibitem % My bibliography, several entries
MSc. Rodrigo Aluizio
Centro de Estudos do Mar/UFPR
Laboratório de Micropaleontologia
Avenida Beira Mar s/n - CEP 83255-000
Pontal do Paraná - PR - BRASIL
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