[texhax] index entries in verbatim text?

Ilya N. Golubev gin at mo.msk.ru
Tue Oct 21 18:35:53 CEST 2008

Thanks for trying, and all of this fails to address one of the key
issues of the initial message (one with the question): in

> The text to be formatted verbatim

> language may be pretty hairy, may use just
> any character

In particular, Edsko de Vries writes:

> use any other characters (including the
> default ones) for these as long as they don't appear in the verbatim
> text.

That's just it.  There is (generally) no such characters at all.
ASCII ones, at least.

That is, for escaping to LaTeX to be useful in this case, it has to be
possible to specify for it a substring pattern much more complex than
just encountering some fixed character.  The task is very much like
that of selecting, generating `boundary' (attribute) value for
multipart MIME entity, of which each body part may contain arbitrary
text.  And the set, syntax of allowed patterns has to be at least that

Perhaps will (in my copious free time) even write such a feature
request to maintainers of packages we tried here.

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