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Tom Backer Johnsen backer at psych.uib.no
Wed Oct 8 23:22:43 CEST 2008

Tom Schneider wrote:
> Tom:
>>> This is one way of doing it in a linux system
>>> \documentclass{article}
>>> \usepackage{calc}
>>> \usepackage{fancyhdr}
>>> \fancyhead[L]{%
>>>    \makebox[\taglen-4cm][r]{%
>>>      \small\ttfamily
>>>      \printfilename \today\ \printtime}}
>>> \renewcommand{\headrulewidth}{0pt}
>>> \newcommand{\filename}{\jobname.tex}
>>> \newcommand{\printfilename}{%
>>>     \immediate\write18{pwd > path.tex}{\input{path}\llap/\filename}}
> See the 'pwd' there?  That's 'print working directory', a command
> under all unix operating systems such as Linux.  It probably doesn't
> exist in Bill's brain.  However perhaps you can put unix on your
> machine (ubuntu!) or make a unix platform (Cygwin) in which you can
> run the program.
> Tom


Thank you, I was looking at that part and could not understand why it 
was there.  The error message from the MikTex Windows installation I am 
working with at the moment indicated that a file named path.tex was 
missing.  When I created such a file it worked, but I did not get the 
path for the main file in the output.  And the file was empty after 
running, so the write18 part was not understandable.

In any case I have to admit that the machine I am using is a dual boot 
one, with Ubuntu as the alternative to Windows XP.  However, I have only 
sniffed at Latex under Windows, all the serious work using Latex 
(started 2-3 years ago) have been under Windows.  I have not considered 
Cygwin yet, perhaps I should.

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