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George Georgalis george at galis.org
Wed May 28 21:23:20 CEST 2008

Hello Reinhard,

It wasn't actually me that created the doc, it was just
something that came my way.

On Sat 24 May 2008 at 02:45:22 AM +0200, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

>However, when I extract the font from the PDF file and create a
>PostScript file using this subset then I get an empty page when I try
>to display the file with gv/ghostscript.  In order to double-check I
>included another font (Pagella).  This one works.
>This is the PS file I created:
>%!PS-AdobeFont-1.0: TeXGyrePagella-Regular 1.103
>%%% [a lot of stuff omitted]
>%!FontType1-1.0: GrotesqueMT-Condensed001.000
>%%% [a lot of stuff omitted]
>100 100 moveto
>/GrotesqueMT-Condensed findfont 20 scalefont setfont
>(Science&Technology) show
>100 300 moveto
>/TeXGyrePagella-Regular findfont 20 scalefont setfont
>(Science&Technology) show
>I only see TeXGyrePagella-Regular but not GrotesqueMT-Condensed.
>Though I don't see any irregularities in the disassambled font I
>think that there *must* be something unusual with this font.
>I have no problems to display your document with acroread and xpdf,
>but when I use gv(ghostscript) the page is built up and everything is
>visible, even the headlines, but immediately after the page had been
>built up everything is wiped out.

That is odd. Per prior email, I am able to print/view the doc with
gv and/or Acrobat Reader; which has the advantage of printing
(headings et al) duplex vs using the ps driver for the printer...
which works with preview.

>George, I don't want to mislead you to violate copyrights.  But maybe
>it's ok for debugging:  Microsoft provides a lot of Monotype fonts and
>maybe there is also GrotesqueMT-Condensed.  If yes, could you try it?
>They provide TrueType fonts while what you are currently using are
>Type1 fonts.  Maybe they behave differently.

I'm pretty sure these are the fonts you are referring to, but GrotesqueMT
isn't in there (I don't think): 

andale32_md5="cbdc2fdd7d2ed0832795e86a8b9ee19a  andale32.exe"
arial32_md5="9637df0e91703179f0723ec095a36cb5  arial32.exe"
arialb32_md5="c9089ae0c3b3d0d8c4b0a95979bb9ff0  arialb32.exe"
comic32_md5="2b30de40bb5e803a0452c7715fc835d1  comic32.exe"
courie32_md5="4e412c772294403ab62fb2d247d85c60  courie32.exe"
georgi32_md5="4d90016026e2da447593b41a8d8fa8bd  georgi32.exe"
impact32_md5="7907c7dd6684e9bade91cff82683d9d7  impact32.exe"
times32_md5="ed39c8ef91b9fb80f76f702568291bd5  times32.exe"
trebuc32_md5="0d7ea16cac6261f8513a061fbfcdb2b5  trebuc32.exe"
webdin32_md5="230a1d13a365b22815f502eb24d9149b  webdin32.exe"
verdan32_md5="12d2a75f8156e10607be1eaa8e8ef120  verdan32.exe"
wd97vwr32_md5="efa72d3ed0120a07326ce02f051e9b42  wd97vwr32.exe"

this mac has MS Office for Mac installed as well, *lots* of fonts
but I still don't see GrotesqueMT. My initial thought of the
problem was the printer doesn't have the fonts native, but I was
surprised they weren't substituted or transmitted over the printing

>Do you have a TeX system installed?  It would be
>helpful.  Do the programs pdftops, t1ascii, t1disasm,
>and Perl exist on your system?

I had only minimal latex tools to support (pdflatex and TexShop)
but now I have installed texlive from MacPorts. and now I have all
the programs (well pdf2ps). I tried using t1ascii on the doc, but
couldn't get much utility out of it..

I suspect Quark (which I don't have a copy of) is the center of
the problem, but I'm happy to dig deeper if you have some idea for
me to try.

// George

George Georgalis, information system scientist <IXOYE><

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