[texhax] problems moving to a new computer and bad TeX cd

David R Stoutemyer dstout at hawaii.edu
Wed May 7 21:44:04 CEST 2008

I am a member of TUG, and since I switched computers MiKTeX often can't find common .sty files, such as verbatim.sty, listings.sty, fullpage.sty, etc.
I decided to uninstall MiKTeX and reinstall it from my TeX Collection cd, but it is unreadable.  In fact, the shiny side is even partly discolored .
How can I uninstall and download a complete fresh MiKTex?
Also, could you mail me a good cd?
David Stoutemyer
44-001 Aina Moi Place
Kaneohe HI 96744
dstout at hawaii.edu
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