[texhax] Parameter _2p in makeindex style file

Nicola Talbot nlct at cmp.uea.ac.uk
Sun May 4 14:21:52 CEST 2008

John Culleton wrote:

> When he does this he wants the system to display the two pages as 
> 46,47 and not 46-47.  He found a makeindex style file parameter 
> somewhere, "_2p" that causes this to happen. 
> I don't find this in the manual. Can someone point me to documentation 
> on the subject?

Perhaps he's confusing this with the parameter "suffix_2p", but this
replaces the end number as well as the range character, so for example, 

suffix_2p "f."

will produce 46f. (as far as I can tell from the man page). You could
perhaps define a makeindex style file that puts the entire page list for a
given entry in an argument that could then be parsed by TeX. For example:

delim_0 "\\pagerange{"
delim_1 "\\pagerange{"
delim_2 "\\pagerange{"
delim_t "}"

and then define \pagerange{<list>} to parse the list, substituting the
relevant character (but this might get complicated if the page ranges have
formatting commands).

Nicola Talbot

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