[texhax] thank you, logicians!

Alexandre Almeida a.c.alexandre at live.com
Sat May 3 01:09:31 CEST 2008


Thank you everybody for all the replies!%%

$$Steve Peter (speter at dandy.net) said:$$


%%Hi Steve Peter. I didn't know about this package, thank you!%%

$$Thomas, Larry (LTHOMAS at spc.edu)  said:$$


%%I will give this command a try, thank you, Larry Thomas!%%

$$Robert Wilson (millstadtf at gmail.com)  said:$$

Hi Alexandre!
Use the amssymb package, and use $\therefore$ (the dollar signs are for math mode). Your question is also discussed at http://tug.org/mail-archives/texhax/2006-April/006009.html.
Hope that helps,
Bob Wilson

%%Hi Robert Wilson! Steve Peter also told me about the amssymb package, thank you!%%

$$Tom Schneider (toms at ncifcrf.gov) said$$

The article on Knuth was quite worthwhile reading, partially because of
the interesting links. One of them was:
which gives
and a lot of other nice symbols all on one page!

Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
National Institutes of Health
National Cancer Institute
Center for Cancer Research Nanobiology Program
Molecular Information Theory Group
Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201
toms at ncifcrf.gov
permanent email: toms at alum.mit.edu

%%Dr. Thomas Schneider, I visited the page, and I can say that it is the best page I saw untill now about latex. Thank you!%%

$$PR Stanley (prstanley at ntlworld.com) said:$$

I think you're refering to the inverted pawnbrokers' sign which is 
read as "therefore" or "then" ( I think) in mathematics. The macro In 
the amsmath usepackage is "\therefore".
I hope it helps.
By the way, folks, I'm Paul, a blind student of software engineering 
from England. I'll probably be asking very similar questions about 
the visual effects of tex/latex macros meself. :-)
Cheers, Paul

%%Hi Paul Stanley! You're right, this is the symbol!
By the way, I am from Brazil. Paul, sucess in your job, as a software engineering!%%

%%Lars Madsen (daleif at imf.au.dk) said:$$

the comprehensive symbols list on CTAN is your best friend.
from amssymb:

Hi Lars! I will try to find out this list, thank you for your reply!

$$Eduardo (eduardo.morais at videotron.ca) said:$$


%%Hi Eduardo Morais! Thank you for sending the link, and the reply!%%


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