[texhax] Heading question

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 15:29:03 CET 2008

Donald Arseneau said the following at 02/28/2008 04:07 AM :

>> The intent is:
>>   if the value of \topmark is the same as the value \botmark:
>>      then this must be a new chapter, so don't print anything;
> Why is the top mark equal to the bot mark only there?
> They are equal on every page that contains no marks, as I recall.
> In fact, I would expect the chapter-start page to contain a mark.

You are correct; Now that I read for the fifth time what I wrote, I realize
that I meant exactly the opposite :-(

> What?!?!  Even if comapring the top vs bottom marks works,
> it is terribly obscure, and very fragile to any changes to
> haow yu may decide to change the marks in the future.
> A clearly named flag makes a lot more sense.

It seems to be a matter of perception, then. I suppose if you regularly use
marks then you are correct; I have never had cause to use them before (and
I can't see why one would normally want to use them except for this kind of
thing), so my approach seemed better to me.


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