[texhax] Heading question

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Wed Feb 27 12:21:16 CET 2008

"D. R. Evans" <doc.evans at gmail.com> writes:

> \headline={\ifnum\count0>1 {\ifodd\count0 \hss \it \ifx\topmark\botmark
> \else \topmark \fi \hss \else \hss \it <book name> \hss\fi}\fi}
> but the \ifx always calls the false branch -- probably I am
> misunderstanding something about what gets expanded when \ifx is called

Yes. \ifx expands nothing (besides itself:-) but compares the
meaning of the next two tokens. \topmark does not have the same
meaning as \botmark; they are different tokens.  You are 
thinking of them as macros, but they are built-in tokens.
Verify by \show.

An analogous mistake would be:


Anyway, I don't think even the intent makes much sense.
Rather, I'd suggest


Then in your \chapter macro(s)

 \null \vfill \eject \global\specialpagetrue

and your headline tests \ifspecialpage, and also performs

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