[texhax] TeX to (editable) Word?

Martin Heller mr_heller at yahoo.dk
Wed Feb 13 15:41:18 CET 2008

Ahmed Shehada skrev:
> Hi,
> Just a quick question on the compatibility of TeX. I understand the 
> primary output of the SW is in PDF or DIV format, with the possibility 
> of getting other formats like HTML, RTF, and more. I was also told about 
> other tools that convert TeX to word docs, however, from what I've seen 
> so far I wouldn't be able to edit the math formulae in MS Word. 
> I will be preparing some course notes that include many Math equations, 
> so I wanted to use TeX for it's easy of dealing with equations but at 
> the same time make the notes available in (editable) MS Word format for 
> my colleages who would like to review/edit these notes but do not use TeX.
> Your help is appreciated.

Maybe using the Aurora plugin in Word is an acceptable 
compromize? <http://elevatorlady.ca/>. It allows you to type in 
equations using LaTeX syntax while your colleages can view and 
edit the document in the Word GUI.

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