[texhax] Spacing in \[\] environment

James Smith james.smith at aleph-one.com
Sun Feb 10 17:57:38 CET 2008

Hey all,

two spacing issues that are annoying me...

* The vertical space beneath the maths environment seems way to small to
me. A suitable amount of vertical space is placed above the maths
environment, about one line's worth, but below, hardly any space is
inserted. Is there some way to change this globally?

* Within the maths environment itself, horizontal space is inserted
around an array environment. Contrast this example, where there is no
space between the outer curly braces and the inner ordered pair...


...with this example, where a considerable amount of space is inserted
between outer braces and inner ordered pair:


Obviously in the real document the array environment contains more than
one row but in the interests of brevity I've taken out all but the
first, and shorted that one.

Both these issues seem to do with spacing around environments, rather
than within them, and so I remain defeated. Previously I'd have
liberally added negative \vspace's in the first instance and \!'s in the
second, but now I want global solutions, since the amount of maths is

A jam bun for anyone who can help me out with these issues.



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