[texhax] font installation

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sat Dec 13 01:23:27 CET 2008

Walt Burkhard writes:

 > I am trying to install the Monotype Christmas fonts (chra/mpi007
 > etc.)  but have had no success.  I have followed the steps of Fulko
 > van Westrenen (July 2007) www.umantec.nl/fontinst through the name
 > changing step. The fontinst step doesn't seem to produce anything
 > useful.
 > Does this installation process work with these non-alphabetic
 > fonts?  If not, how should I proceed?

Hi Walt,
font related problems are always quite nasty and not many TeX users
are familiar with the innards of a TeX system, especially if fonts are

The font/fontinst experts are subscribed to:


I suppose that you get more help there.


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