[texhax] apacite and url

Alan Litchfield alan at alphabyte.co.nz
Thu Dec 4 20:18:55 CET 2008

Hi Christian,

I can't answer your second question, but as to the first the use of url's is
extensively handled in the document apacite.pdf. If you have TeXLive you
already have this, or you can get it from your local ctan mirror.

Basically you can use either url = {...} as a bib field or you can use
\url{...} within a field, say howpublished = {...\url{...}...} for example.


Christian Deindl wrote:
> hi,
> I have two questions.
> I'm using apacite as bibliography style.
> Two of my bibtex entries need to be cited with an url.
> unfourtunately this produces an error message "missing $ inserted".
> Is there a way to cite an url?
> perhaps I need an additional package?
> the second question is somewaht related to the first.
> since my paper is in german, is there a good german style, who is also
> able to handle weblinks?
> thanks in advance,
> christian

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