[texhax] Greek letters with superscripts in list environment

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Tue Dec 2 04:35:29 CET 2008


On Dec 1, 2008, at 18:58 , Sam Albers wrote:

> For some reason I can't get LaTex to produce a greek letter with a
> supercript while in a list environment. Is there any way around this  
> issue?
> Here is part of my file:
> \begin{itemize}
> \item The ratio of flow depth to grain size (A)
> \item the density ratio (B)
> \item the Reynolds number (Re)
> \item the Froude number (Fr)
> *\item shear stress ($\tau$^{*})*
> \end{itemize}
> This doesn't work.

This is a pretty vague description of your problem.  As a rule, it  
helps to be specific about what is wrong, including error messages or  
"bad output".  If the example is "long", posting it on the web is  
preferable to including it in email (your minimal example here is just  
right) (if I understand what you're asking).

> However with the superscript it works fine. Any ideas?

I don't know what "with the superscript" means.

A couple of perhaps silly questions:

  - did you mean to try "exponentiation" outside the math environment?
  - are the outer '*'s just calling attention to the problematic line?

FWIW, if I use $\tau^{*}$, it typesets just fine.  Am I  
misunderstanding your problem?


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