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Alexandre Almeida a.c.alexandre at live.com
Sat Aug 9 02:20:12 CEST 2008

I don't know how to make the text be displayed like this:

Book review 1 
This is a big book in every sense of the word. Drawing on more than two decades of scholarship in the field, Joseph Inikori (University of Rochester) has written a provocative, occasionally frustrating, and ultimately convincing monograph on one of the classic issues in our field, the causes of the British Industrial Revolution. 

Book review 2 
The culmination of literally decades of careful scholarship, this book is both magnificent and a bit frustrating. The frustrations are not so much due to flaws in the book itself as to some thoughts about what has been left out. 

Book review 3 

One of the drawbacks of the standard geographical organization of the historical discipline (broadly defined to include economic history and historical anthropology and sociology) is that scholarship about those regions considered peripheral to Europe and the United States is little read outside of its own subfield. 
If I type a long line in the review, the next line will be displayed below the "Book review" number.
In html, we use the table tags (with border=0 ). I tried to use table in latex, but my document is in two columns, and the table  seems not work inside two columns.
Can anybody help me?Alexandre.              
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