[texhax] Large fonts and superscripts.

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Aug 6 09:34:54 CEST 2008

Ludwig Mises wrote:
> I seem to be running into a dead end while trying to typeset a word in
> a large font (say cmr20).  The superscript seems to remain in a much
> smaller font than I would expect:
> \font\bigfont=cmr20
> {\bigfont Six$^{th}$}
> Doesn't produce what I would think is a proportionally small
> superscript.  Also, the superscript seems to show up in the middle of
> the x vertically and is not offset above it. Am I missing something
> obvious?

Yes :-)  Subscripts are mathematical, and are
taken from the current set of maths fonts,
which are unrelated to the text font that
you have just selected.  Appendix G probably
has all the gory details ...


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