[texhax] [pdftex] DVI to HTML mechanism demo

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Oct 29 23:37:02 CET 2007

Karl Berry writes:

 >>     The SVG file contained all the resources needed,
 > At least at the time Michel wrote his article, SVG did not support
 > kerns/ligatures.  Which doesn't matter much for a few diagram labels,
 > but any kind of running text is another matter.

Kerning pairs in Type1 fonts are described in AFM files and probably
the AFM stuff is not supported by Michel's program.  But it doesn't
matter at all.  dvi2svg derives kerning information from the DVI file.

I also think that ligatures are not a problem.  A ligature is simply a
glyph.  The problem is to find out when to replace "ff" by an
"ff-ligature".  But a DVI file already contains this information.

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