[texhax] [pdftex] DVI to HTML mechanism demo

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon Oct 29 22:40:12 CET 2007

Chris Rowley writes:

 >> --- convert the glyphs to paths
 > that will nver look good on screens will it?

Does SVG support hints?  I don't know anything about SVG, but Adrian
presented the output of dvi2svg in Marrakech.  The SVG file looked
quite straightforward but I didn't see any hints in it.  Don't know
whether the SVG standard supports them or they are simply not
implemented in dvi2svg.  A glyph without hints is a simple vector
graphic.  Hence, William's suggestion is very reasonable.

IMO hints are important, though at reasonable high resolutions
antialiasing improves the situation a bit.  At low resolutions
antialiasing doesn't help.  If you need ultimate quality you have to
use pdftex and have to activate the microtypographic extensions.  On
the other hand, the output of dvi2svg looked beautiful, though.  Maybe
I'll change my mind if someone gives me some more files for testing.

The only disadvantage of William's suggestion is that it is probably
less efficient than using a font.  But in jsMath only the math symbols
and Greek characters are missing.  Converting glyphs to paths is much
better than providing bitmaps.  Yes, it's a good idea indeed.


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