[texhax] Facebook sums, anyone?

Chris Rowley C.A.Rowley at open.ac.uk
Sun Oct 28 18:45:31 CET 2007


> What subjects require specialized typesetting other than linguistics &
> math?

Chemistry, music, ...

> Unicode plain text has support for almost anything linguists
> need, and  TeX-like math can be encoded as per
> <http://unicode.org/notes/tn28>.

That is only Murray's ideas about a possible extension of Donald
Knuth's paradigm of 'simple maths as he claims to speak it'.

It is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in the input
and processing of Unicode-based maths but it is, like TeX, somewhat
isiosyncratic and equally complex.

But we are being asked voluably to continue to support LaTeX as a
language for maths in computers so it is possible that something
like this will be taken up as Yet Another Ad Hoc Standard.

It would be very interesting to know if there are yet a communities
communicating via Unicode-maths of any type?

Thanks for bringing this work to the attention of a Texie audience.


PS: My understanding from Murray is that he would expect such input to
be converted to MathML in XHTML for browser use when this becmes more
practical and widespread.

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