[texhax] natbib cannot handle utf8

martin f krafft madduck at debian.org
Sat Oct 13 13:24:04 CEST 2007

Package: texlive-latex-base
Version: 2007-12

Thank you Donald!

As I think the issue is solved, I am reporting this as a bug against
the Debian texlive-latex-base package. For more information:

also sprach Donald Arseneau <asnd at triumf.ca> [2007.10.13.1128 +0100]:
> I am pretty sure, though, that natbib defines \cite to be robust.

I'd be surprised if it didn't, or if that hadn't been fixed yet.

> You have to provide more context for where that error message 
> comes from.  Check if it comes while loading an .aux file.  If
> it does, then your testing was wasted; what you needed to do was 
> delete the .aux files for every test.

I made a minimal test case (attached). The problem disappears as
soon as I uncomment the utf8 stuff, but then the output isn't

So I tried *again* to remove the utf8 characters from the bibtex
entries, and this time I guess I got them all (and previously must
have forgotten one), and suddenly it works.

But this can't be, for I *surely* have used UTF8 in bibfiles before,
and this is not really the same as http://bugs.debian.org/382075
where the problem was that a ü character ended up being used as the
key for an entry.

I then went further and found that it works fine without natbib, but
natbib can't handle it, neither with tetex bibtex, nor texlive's
bibtex8. plain tex \cite works with both.

So this is a natbib bug, it seems.

Thanks for your time!

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