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Replying to the list...

also sprach Donald Arseneau <asnd at triumf.ca> [2007.10.01.0009 +0100]:
> > So you mean \edef\curpart{\thepart}?
> Yes, but that is not guaranteed to give the same result as
> \let\curpart\thepart, which is another possibility for
> what you meant.  (Also, you must use \protected at edef in
> LaTeX for safety.)

Hm, if only I had a way of reading about this stuff. LaTeX is one
big mystery to me...

> but your best test is to insert 
> \show\curref
> \show\refpart
> and note the differences.

If I do that, I just get a runaway argument error. But I can use
standard "printf" debugging with \typeout, read on...

> >   \def\curref{#2}%
> I'm not sure what you are giving as #2,...


  #1 section 
  #2 3.1.1
  #3 page~42

The theory is that I find out whether #2 matches the current
chapter, and the way to do that is basically:

  if #2 == \thechapter or ... or #2 == \thesubsubsection
    print 'page~42'
    print section~3.1.1

Now here is the function again, this time with \hbox{} (which Tom
originally included), which appears to be necessary as \ref{}
outputs it when it expands the reference:

  \protected at edef\curchapter{\thechapter\hbox{}}%
  \protected at edef\cursection{\thesection\hbox{}}%
  \protected at edef\cursubsection{\thesubsection\hbox{}}%
  \protected at edef\cursubsubsection{\thesubsubsection\hbox{}}%
  \protected at edef\curref{#2}%

And I finally got it working *iff* I disable the hyperref package.
If it's enabled, I guess \ref{} generates something else and the
match fails. In fact, typeout outputs:

  DEBUG: \ref {section:deb-term-nonfree}A\hbox {}A.2\hbox {}A.2.0\hbox {}A.2.0.0\hbox {}

so the \ref is substituted later, which breaks my approach. Am
I missing something? Is there anything I can do to fix it and make
it work with hyperref?

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