[texhax] latex 'apropos' for symbols

Bryan W. Lepore bryanlepore at mail.utexas.edu
Fri Nov 30 19:20:37 CET 2007

has anyone thought of / worked on writing / does such thing exist, some 
sort of command-line version of 'the comprehenive latex symbol list' by 
Scott Pakin?  such that in some shell, you could do something greppish 

[ user at computer.org ]% latex-apropos 'integral|loop'
found matches:
command      symbol               package 
\int         integral             ?
\iint        another integral     AMS variable-sized math operators
\oint        closed loop integral wasysym variable-sized math operators

... and perhaps it could print out a plain-text image of the desired 
symbol optional, e.g. `latex-apropos "integral" --show-image`


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