[texhax] \pageref in hyperref's pdfprintpagerange

Dan Hatton vi5u0-texhax at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 28 15:43:51 CET 2007

Dear All,

Having established (with some help from y'all in a previous thread)
that the pdfprintpagerange option of hyperref is useful, I'd like to
go to the next stage, and put something like a \pageref{} in it.  I've
tried each of:

\hypersetup{pdfprintpagerange={0 \pageref{endofhardcopy}}}
\hypersetup{pdfprintpagerange={0 \pageref*{endofhardcopy}}}
\hypersetup{pdfprintpagerange={0 \autopageref{endofhardcopy}}}
\hypersetup{pdfprintpagerange={0 \autopageref*{endofhardcopy}}}

but they all fail with the error

! Use of \pdfmark@ doesn't match its definition.
\@ifnextchar ... \reserved at d =#1\def \reserved at a {
                                                   #2}\def \reserved at b
l.11 \begin{document}

Any ideas, please?



Dan Hatton

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