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Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Mon Nov 26 04:57:49 CET 2007

All this pstops and acrobat reader stuff was way over my head.  But
maybe I can chime in here.


will give 12 pt font for an article.  I don't know what class you are
using for your thesis, and whether it would work for that.  I also don't
know what effect this has on the size of math, etc.

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Adrian Dusa wrote:
> Hi Martin,
>> 2007/11/25, Adrian Dusa <dusa.adrian at gmail.com>:
>>> Actually I would rather not change the font size per se, because
>>> that would break the current paging arrangement. Instead, I would
>>> very much like to know if there's any possibility to increase 
>>> *everything* on every page like in zooming. On a A4 paper there is
>>> a lot of unnecessary space around the text, I wonder if I could use
>>> that space zooming the text in order to preserve the current number
>>> of pages. 
>> http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=changemargin
> Oh yes I read that FAQ, but this doesn't help. Of course I could try to play 
> with the margins using the powerful geometry package, but setting narrower 
> margins has the side effect of increasing the number of characters per line 
> which is definitely not what I intend to do. Another effect is to lose the 
> current number of pages, and I am happy the way it looks right now.
> Perhaps setting narrower margins and *increasing* the base font size would 
> help, but I found no trace of such a possibility in LaTeX. I understand that 
> the base font size is 10pt. Is there any possibility to set it to, say, 12pt?
> Adrian

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