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Adrian Dusa dusa.adrian at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 00:13:47 CET 2007

On Monday 26 November 2007, tom sgouros wrote:
> In my copy of Reader (which is on a Mac), there is a "page scaling"
> option in the print dialog.  The options are limited, but one of them
> expands the occupied part of each document page to fill the printable
> part of the paper.  I think it uses the same expansion for the whole
> document.  I've done what you are trying to do using that before, though
> I also modified the page header and footer to condense the original a
> little bit.  (Moved the page numbers up into the header, as I recall, to
> make the printed area a bit smaller, so the zoom would be a bit bigger.)
> Unfortunately, I can't speak for a kubuntu distribution of Acrobat.

Indeed, this is the "Fit to printable area" option, however I cannot detect 
any difference in the preview image. Shrink or fit the the printable area has 
not effect, where I was saying there is no option to *magnify* (or zoom) the 
text to the printable area.

> There are a bunch of scaling options in Acrobat professional, so if you
> can find someone who has that, perhaps they could help.  You could also
> look into the documentation for ghostscript.  As should be clear by
> here, I know more about postscript than about PDF, so I'll shut up here
> and maybe someone who knows more will chime in about manipulations
> possible with readily available PDF tools.
> I don't think lpr is going to help you much, though.  I think its
> capacity is mostly just dispatching and adding a job header page, though
> my beliefs on the point are not worth much.

Thanks very much anyways ;)
At first it seemed like a pretty straighforward task, but I guess what I want 
to achieve is not that easy.


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