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Adrian Dusa dusa.adrian at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 20:59:35 CET 2007

Hello again,

I have an almost finished thesis that I would like to give my supervisor for 
review. The trouble is the size of the default font in LaTeX is rather small 
for his taste, he would like me to increase it.

I searched the web after font size, but everything I found was related to the 
LaTeX commands like \Large or \Huge, but I don't want to use larger fonts in 
*some* places but to increase the font size for the whole document.

Actually I would rather not change the font size per se, because that would 
break the current paging arrangement. Instead, I would very much like to know 
if there's any possibility to increase *everything* on every page like in 
zooming. On a A4 paper there is a lot of unnecessary space around the text, I 
wonder if I could use that space zooming the text in order to preserve the 
current number of pages.

I hope my question is clear, thank you in advance for any hint,

Adrian Dusa
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